SEAPRO Technical Manual


The SEAPRO Technical Manual provides a detailed source of information pertaining to spill response variables in Southeast Alaska. This information includes spill response tactics in a variety of conditions and seasonal variations.

The Technical Manual is generally applicable to responses in Southeast Alaska. Facility specific information is provided in the operators' oil discharge prevention and contingency plans. The information provided in this manual, in conjunction with the individual operator's contingency plan, is intended to assist with the requirements of Federal Facility and Vessel Response Plans and Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation spill planning regulations (18 AAC 75).

There are always variables beyond the control of any response organization that affect response performance. These variables include personnel safety considerations, weather, visibility, sea conditions, location of spill, type of oil spilled, rate of discharge, condition of the equipment or facility causing the spill, and for a vessel, position of discharging vessel and condition of remaining cargo. In addition, site-specific conditions such as the amount and type of wildlife and sea mammals in or around the site, or the amount and nature of debris present, could interfere with response performance. Accordingly, it is not possible to guarantee response performance in exact accordance with the estimates, strategies, or scenarios presented in this Technical Manual for planning purposes. For example, the safety of employees, contractor personnel, government representatives, and the public is of paramount importance and will override all other considerations in response operations.