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SEAPRO Technical Manual

Part 8 - Facility Description

SEAPRO Information

SEAPRO is neither an oil terminal or vessel, nor is it involved in exploration or production and will, therefore, not address the requirements of this section. Facility and vessels plans and diagrams are prepared by each SEAPRO member company, however, and copies of such plans and diagrams are maintained at the SEAPRO offices.

Member Company Operation Locations

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Regulatory Citations

State Regulations

State of Alaska regulations regarding contents of oil discharge and contingency plans under 18 AAC 75.425 specify that the following information be included within the Non-Mechanical Response section of a plan:

"...[provide] a plan diagram of the facility, vessel, or operation for reference in conducting emergency response operations, with locations of response equipment and other features pertinent to the response plan clearly marked, including surrounding topography, roads, air transportation and other transportation access, location and bathymetry of adjacent water bodies, mooring areas, oil transfer locations, pipelines, control stations, drip pans and drainage of drip pans, and a representation of the distance and gradients to surface water for an operation located on land, by topographic map, aerial photographs, or other means; (18 AAC 75.425(e)(1)(H)

Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) Guidelines

ADEC Oil Discharge Prevention and Contingency Plan Application and Review Guidelines provides, in part, the following information regarding required contents of this section:

"The plan diagram of the facility or vessel is intended as a guide or reference to illustrate the actions described in the prevention and response plan. There, those items pertinent to the prevention of, and response to, potential spills must be included and clearly marked. ... Only the minimum amount of information necessary to guide responders should be presented in this section ...[and details should be] ...cross-referenced to Facility Description and Operational Overview. ...”